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Yoga Retreats

Yoga is a combination of the physical practice of asanas, breathe work, pranayama and mental exercises, meditation for peace of mind, a better body and sanity in a frantic world.

E-Manai invite you to join us on our annual Yoga Retreat in Cormoranche-sur-Saône in the region of Rhône-Alpes, in the south east of France.

Yoga Retreat Locations

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Our Next E-Manai Yoga Retreat

Join Meena & Annie for our annual yoga and meditation retreat in the Southeast of France, with likeminded company, great wines and relaxation abound.

Retreat dates: September/October 2022 (TBA)

Spaces Available: 8

Venue: La Verchère, Cormoranche-sur-Soane, France

Prices from £695 per person (6 nights) excluding flights

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E-Manai Yoga Retreat 2022
September/October 2022
La Verchère, Cormoranche-sur-Soane,
Cormoranche-sur-Saone, 01290 Cormoranche-sur-Saône, France
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