Prince of Wales Chain - Sterling Silver with Gold Overlay

Trace Chain - Sterling Silver with Gold Overlay


18" (45cm)   2.36g


Magnetic Gold Crystal Layer Accessory


An accessory which allows you to layer up from 2 to 7 necklaces.


Apart from the gold crystal magnetic clasp, the extender and all findings are 925 sterling silver.


Marks of a Quality Chain 


Silver Chain


It is made of sterling silver (925) or above.


Silver with Gold Overlay


It made of sterling silver (925) with gold plating. Gold plating means that there is a greater thickness of gold covering over the silver (1 micron and above) it means that the gold will not wear off with normal use. 


All Chains


It has a good weight of silver and good thickness of gold plate pertinent to the design of the chain allowing for fluidity and movement so it sits well on the neckline.


The chain carries an independant hallmark.




2x Sterling Silver with Gold OverlayChains and Magnetic Necklace Layer Accessory

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