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Yoga Posture Exercise for the Body Shape you Want

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Whether you are a woman over 50 or under 50 the questions to ask:

how fit do you feel?

how good do you look?

have you got the body shape that you want and are proud of?

If I tap "fitness" into google search there are nearly 2 billion hits! There are trillions and zillions of "experty" opinions which tell you what is the best fitness level and how to achieve this, the body shape to look good and so on... There are equally just as many "experts" who tell you that you should be happy and proud just the way you are...

I am going to ignore all this and go "off piste" and approach this subject from the eye of posture and poise totally. All fitness experts and gurus, be it yoga, pilates, gym coaches et al, all bring the subject of posture and poise as part of their talk or practice but it is not center stage. In fact if I tap "posture and poise" into google I only get 401,000 hits. I rest my case!

Take a look at this bronze of Paravati, this is a classic statue and near a 1000 years old but see even in this one bend knee sitting position the posture is stunning. Again the bronze master who has captured this stance has his human model's spine alignment in his mind which has allowed him to capture her very flowing movement in bronze!

A fabulous posture can be dressed in any outfit and you will look sensational.

Take any of these images of Audrey Hepburn an iconic movie star from the Hollywood era, they are all different but they are all "NATURALLY" achieved she has not held her stomach in and pushed her shoulders back to create the pose just for the camera. The secret of Audrey Hepburn's beautiful posture and poise is her flexible spine. She retained her poise in her 60s.

7 weeks, 7 yoga sequences which will go towards building a beautiful flexible supple spine needed to carry off posture and poise just like 1000 year old bronze statues or the upcoming Audrey Hepburns in their 40s 50s and 60s out there!


Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good.

Image 1 - Bronze Paravati - Vishuddi Films History of Yoga by Deepika Kothari and Ramji Om

Image 2 - AH standing - featured-hepburn-at-shane-premiere-pictorial-parade

Image 3 - AH tiara featured-audrey-hepburn-preparing-for-a-scene-in-roman-holiday-the-phillip-harrington-collection

Image 4 - AH lion pose - Norman Parkinson Archieve Iconic Images ACC art books

Image 5 - AH with oscar - featured-audrey-hepburn-holding-oscar-bettmann

Image 6 - Older AH by Life Magazine

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