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Yellow, the Colour, Yellow Gemstones and its impact on our Moods

"Yellow is the color between orange and green on the spectrum of visible light."*

If you went into jewellery stores and asked to see your "birth gemstone", you would expect to see the same gemstone no matter which jewellery store RIGHT?

WRONG! For example the gemstone associated with the birth sign pisces will be very different depending from which point you are viewing this piscean horizon.

Eastern traditional recognise 12 gemstones but rather than these gems being associated with the birth month, the astrologists will study the individuals birth charts and these will be used to determine if a particular gemstone is going to be of benefit to the individual.

In the Vedic astrology the 9 navagraha are thought to be energies ("gods") with particular traits and personal qualities, characteristics and certain gemstones carry these qualities in their colour, form and structure, hence a gemstone is identified with a navagraha god. The natural seasons and colours associated with the season also play a part here.

Right now mid March, the season is changing from winter into spring (though you would no think it from thelow tempertures) but the days are getting longer, there is more "yellow" bright light from the sun hanging around for longer. Nature is about to burst into new life and growth and this longer light is needed for that to happen sucessfully.

Yellow sapphire is associated with Brihaspati, the guru god, as is the planet Jupiter. Brihaspati imparts the knowledge and dispels ignorance so that you use your brain and see things with clarity. If you were to put on your Vedic astrological glasses, the planet Jupiter, or Brihaspati is currently dominent on the astrological landscape.

There is a great thirst for knowledge, not of the conventional university degree sense but more curiousity about what goes on in the head, how human life is entwined with nature...herbal knowledge which had all but disappeared is today, gaining widespread acceptance and so on.

It is said that all this "waking up" in human beings is because of the influence of Brishapati and wearing yellow or surrounding yourself with yellow crystals and gems will help clear things that have confounded you for awhile.

Our emotions and moods can go up and down depending on the seasons and what is going on day to day, and colours can play an important role in this. Yellow crystal and gemstone or gold jewellery has a profound uplifting effect if you are feeling low...This is not scientific but if you are not feeling on top of the world, have a go, you just never know...

Credit and Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good!

* Wikipedia

Image 1 - Citrine from Wix pictures

Image 2 - Brihaspati

Images 3 - taken by myself

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