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Woman over 50

2020 lockdown and covid threw up some real practical issues across the board....from menopause to weight to how am I going to hide my grey roots to I can't get my normal lippy or nail polish because its not deemed "essential" by Amazon!

Do I do this online yoga class or that fitness class on Zoom or maybe finding a new way of earning money seeing as the old way is down the tubes, cook new receipes now that all the offspring are at home for the duration, play happy families and so on....and on and on....

The concept "respect for all life" is one my mother very kindly grew me up with and all through my rebel teenage days, my high living 20s and college days, this has been my one constant stay. In fact, it is one I went onto instill into my children when my time came.

Over the years (now in my 50s of course) as I have become more aware and conscious of prakriti/nature, this concept has become stronger and the lockdowns today brought it right in my face.

I came to learn that this is a buddha teaching and it really chimes with me and my thinking so I have always tried very hard to make choices which allows me to put this concept into practice and during lockdown I was trying even harder! So words like "eco, organic, sustainable" are ones I looked into (rather than just accepting them at face value) when acquiring products be it shoes, make up, bags to the crisps I eat and the flour I use to make bread.

"Life is dear to all beings. They have the right to live the same as we do." We should respect all life and not kill anything. Killing ants and mosquitoes is also breaking this precept. We should have an attitude of loving-kindness towards all beings, wishing them to be happy and free from harm. Taking care of the earth, its rivers and air is included"

I thought this would be very hard to action but I am pleasingly surprised that I can live my life alongside this concept and that if I can do it during a lockdown, I can do it anytime!!!

In doing this I am NOT a new age convert who lives in the forest in a log and hemp hut, never uses cars or planes and only wears hand grown cotton clothes! I am living an "ab-normal" life (ab-normal thanks to "respect all life" concept) in a house with a garden and running water and toilets in the house, with broadband etc., and I am thriving!

It then occurred to my goodself...that there must be other women who can identify with one or two things above and want to experience living an "ab-normal" life so here we are!

This page is not going to chime with 99% of the female population but hey to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, you don't need to fill it, you just need to fill a table so pitch up and take a seat!

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BTY this cartoon version is the youthful eternal version of me!

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good!

Image 1 - black head Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image 2 - the cartoon me created by David Arandle

Image 3 - the me by me on windows 1- pc

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