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Who is Jane?

Jane is a very talented sporty young woman who walks, parish walks, end to end walks, fireman's walks, walks and walks.....

I know what you might be thinking!!

Well what makes her so special is that she is a mum to 3 kids, works full time, cooks gourmet, runs her home, the cat, has a talent for making hot toddies with fruits, gins and wine and pulls of a few pretty good photos on her mobile and oh yes she has a love of nature, and drives an electric car!!!

She does all that and still has that extra space to train for the long walks.

Things and "happenings" just tumble in and out of Jane's "average" every day that would not happen to any one else...but she still manages to pick up, shake herself down, smile and still go for that walk!!!!

Jane will be penning her highlights through her journal and sharing her tips of how to get the best out of yourself, to get through your "average" day and still make that training walk....

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