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Weight Loss Solutions in 2020

Updated: Jan 28

We are shortly coming to the end of of January, VERY WELL into the new year and actually a new decade, the 20s are back! So its that time of the year when a vast number of people started or about to start on some sort of a "weight" related programme.

2019 raised the profile of obesity, right up there at the top alongside the NHS. Numerous articles, documentaries and health warnings on the subject of overweight and obesity have made headline upon headline throughout 2019 and it is now a topic that is spoken o

f openly - the best outcome ever!

There are 100s and 1000s of products, gurus, experts out there to help you on your way (and part you from your cash) and the only 2 things I would say is:

  • Research the subject and the products out there and then decide on the product or method that is going to work for you the best out of everything out there;

  • Once you have chosen, stick with it for the minimum duration, don't chop and change after just a week because you did not get a result. You have to give it a chance and time for it to work.

I found this article by Kathryn Knowles which is funny, light-hearted, inspiring and informative - read her personal story on her weight as a teenager. Today she is married, a mother of 3, loves a G&T and is the owner of CURA, an insurance company specialising in providing everyday insurance cover for everyday people whom others would call "high risk".

I myself have researched fasting and this very much follows the Ayurveda principles. Over the years, I have always fasted but some 5 years ago fasting hit the headlines when Michael Moseley's 5:2 intermittant fasting method came into the public domain. Over the 5 years, this method has evolved, there is now a Fast 800 programme, check it out.

More recently I researched the new kid on the block Primal Cure Slim Shotz Weight Loss Drink, listen to Poppy Hadkinson and see what she says about the Slim Shotz, only takes a minute!

So whatever path you follow, enjoy it, that half the battle!

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