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Vasant Ritu, Pisces Birth Sign and Gemstones - March Month

Shishir, the Indian winter season has given way to Vasant ritu (spring) and she is now really making her mark on the earth.

  • the zodiac sign of Pisces has dominated the days since 20 February till 19 March if you are a follower of western astrology. In Vedic astrology Meen, the dates are almost 30 days ahead running from 14 March through to 13 April.

  • the natural world has kicked into the bright vibrant colour spectrum, here in the western hemisphere, the buds are showing themselves on the trees and the daffadils are throwing their awesome yellow across all the gardens. the temperature is definitely higher, gloves and hats are not needed as often when you go out.

  • March birth gemstones (contemporary) is aquamarine.

collage made up of horoscope sign of pisces with picture representing the Indian vasant ritu Summer season

Vasant ritu is for many the best season of the year, it is a time when new like happens. It is really difficult to really grasp this in the human world but in nature, all flora fauna, birds, animals all are engaged in the action of love and pro-creation.

New homes are built and soon new life comes into this world in the form of babies!

Radha and Krishna are seen as the epitomy of the spring season.

Just take a look at these images of new life - they tell the story of the vasant ritu.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces (Meen in Vedic system) are born in the season of Vasant ritu.

zodiac sign Aquarius

Pisces characteristics:

  • inspirational

  • hospitable

  • peace-loving

  • intuitive

  • organized

  • compassionate

  • sympathetic

  • kind

  • creative

  • imaginative

  • sensitive

Having said all that they can be pessimistic and indecisive, over-sensitive, they express self-pity without so much as a by your leave, being moody and negative comes easy to them.

Famous Pisceans include Elton John, Indian actress Rani Mukerji, John Major, former UK Prime Minister, Rihanna an the very famous Daniel Craig who portrayed the latest James Bond.

Shani dev

In Vedic astrology, Brihaspati is master of the planet Jupiter which rules the sign of Pisces.

Brihaspati is the great god of knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom in particular, it is extremely easy to gain knowledge but do you have the wisdom to use your acquired knowledge well?

Yellow sapphire or a bright citrine is the gemstone associated with the planet Jupiter. The colour yellow creates bright light in a dark space or in a moment of darkness.

Can you recall when you have been trying to get something right or you are looking for something but you don't know what it is and then suddenly you have that "light bulb moment" or you suddenly "see the thing you are looking at and boom a light occurs in your brain and you now KNOW you have found it".

Your birthstone gem, Aquamarine going by your birth month is often seen as a modern concept. In ancient Arabic or Hebrew cultures its bloodstone and in Russian and Italian traditions it is jasper.

This is my personal pet saying!! If you are just at the start of your curiosity of gems and crystals, start with a quartz crystal and put it on your desk, or by your bedside, or have it sitting on your book shelf. Remember a piece of quartz chip powers your computer so what can it do sitting next to you?


Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good!

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Image 2 - vasant ritu by Vijay Kiawat

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Image 4 - Zotx - Pixabay

Image 5 - Alejandrosalas - Pixabay

Image 6 - Brihaspati - Pujaa

Image citrine and quartz - amethyst- my own

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