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Unwanted Hair Removal - Waxing

I have to say when it comes to complete vanity, I am definitely 100% for unsightly hair removal... but in the "natural" but hey a bit of vanity in beauty never hurt anyone!

Take all of nature in the form of birds and bees they all display their most beautiful side obviously during their mating season, the peacock being the most DISDAINLY beautiful

Just for a moment take a look at him, at Dar al Houssoun Gardens in Morocco! You will understand exactly what I mean by disdainly beautiful!!

The human body is born with 5 million hair follicles and it does have a purpose, to keep the body warn in colder climates just like the rest of mammals and bird species, who have fur and feathers! We all indulge in "shredding" our hair fur and feathers, WHY?

Well the mammals and birds because the climate is warm and so shredding the excess keeps the body cool, and why do we women of the human species do it?

All in the name of beauty of course!

It is not exactly a modern thing all this shredding of unwanted hair, the Egyptians using copper made razors and the Romans using pumice stones and tweezers were at it some 3000+ years ago. The Persians and the Indians used cotton thread to remove hair, this is a technique still used today and it is especially fabulous for eyebrows and sugaring has been around from ancient times.

In modern times the practice of using waxes came into being. The bread and butter income source of the modern beauty salon is waxing. I too am a fan of waxing but I am of the "hardy skin" of the Asian variety and do not have issues of reddening and blotches which is common for ladies of a more rose peach tone.

I had however began to notice in the last 2/3 years that I was becoming more sensitive to waxing so I began to research the ingredient list of the wax which is beeswax and a sticky, polymeric resin. The method of waxing, applying the wax in the direction of the hair growth and then pulling it in the opposite direction was also a painful extraction method leading to the reddness and blotches.

I was looking for alternatives and then lockdown forced my hand. So I researched into Sugaring in Ayurveda and of course there are lots of receipes for example:

Half a litre of water

100g sugar

2g citric acid

Mix altogether and put into a pan on a low/medium heat and stir until the mixture is a soft paste. Then spread the warm paste onto the hair in the direction of hair growth and place a strip of cotton stiff fabric like muslin over the paste, press it to adhere and pull it off to reveal smooth skin.

Sugaring works on many levels because:

"the hair is removed in the same direction as hair growth (as opposed to waxing, which pulls the hair out against natural growth), there’s less discomfort involved. Yes, it’s still hair removal, but this method is gentler. Also, wax products are made of resins, which adhere to your skin, so when you rip off a strip of wax, you’re also tugging at your skin. Sugaring products do not stick to live skin cells. But they do grab dead skin cells. So with sugaring, you’re not pulling at your skin (which minimizes redness and swelling), and you’re actually exfoliating away dead skin which leaves you with a soft, smooth result."

During lockdown it had to be DIY so after much search I found the product called MOOM.

I am not going to repeat all the info on Moom that is on their website, you know the "link" drills.

Moom is ancient sugaring but brought into the 21st century and it is brilliant. I bought my Moom from the Natural Shop.

Using it for the very first time during lockdown, it was neat and easy. To test it to its limit, I used it in my cream carpet bedroom laid a towel on the floor and got on with it. No mess, all my muslin strips were washed in a bowl of water and the water got poured into the compost bin.

I have noticed my regrowth stayed away for 6 weeks!

Moom is here to stay with me to continue my vanity into my 60s and saved myself £50 a month!!

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good.

Image 1 - Peacock - taken by my good self!

Receipe for Ayurvedic Sugaring - “Simple Ayurvedic Remedies,” author H.S. Puri

Quote on sugaring technique - Byrdie

Image 2 - moom kit - taken by me - I'm good!!

Learn more about the history of hair removal by ladies from times gone by from the Women's Museum of California

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