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Tips for Choosing a Jewellery Chain for your Pendant

Updated: May 9, 2022

I have been into 100s and 100s of jewellery stores and outlets from high end Harrods to the second hand jeweller in the market stall, bought online and everything in between, but in all, it is only a handful of occasions where the jeweller has taken as much time over advising on the choice of my chain as to the choice of the pendant.

I never really paid attention to this but what I did notice was that where I had taken the advice, the piece sitting round my neck just looked amazing and the same 5 pieces always drew complimentary comments time and time again.

I tapped into the www (wibbly wobbly web):

Choose a chain for your pendant - 6,270,000 results

Choose a diamond necklace - 33,900,000 results

Surprisingly, the subject of choosing a diamond necklace had 6 times more hits than the choice of a chain for a pendant, so fundamental to the LOOK you wish to achieve!!

I came to this article, 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Chain for Your Silver Pendant, which gives such a good explanation that its worth just going to the link. In summary, these are the points to consider:

  • chain pattern

  • the weight of the chain compared to the weight of the chain

  • chain width

  • colour of the chain

  • length of the chain

Then go into your jewellery box and take a look at your pendants and chains and see if by re-matching you achieve an even better result. You will know you have when someone says

"that's a nice necklace, is it new?"

If you want to add to your chains...


Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent which made this post so good!

1 - 5 - pictures from

falling chain - my own video

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