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The Most Beautiful Green Gemstone Emerald

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The word "emerald" is a Persian word meaning green gem, very simple is it not? But mark my words emerald is anything but simple!

As a gemstone, it goes back to the beginning of human civilisation, Cleopatra was famous as much for her beauty as her love of emeralds. There have been myths about the existence of "Cleopatra's emerald mines" and in 1817, they were rediscovered though no emeralds as these had been mined out 3000+ years ago.

Another famous emerald the Mogul Mughal:

"a 219-carat talisman featuring engravings of Arabic scripts and a Shi’a Muslim prayer on one side. On the other side of this famous emerald is an intricate floral carving. In 2001, the Mogul Mughal Emerald sold for over $2 million at Christie's London auction"

There were myths that in the late 18th century, some 100 chests full of emeralds was shipped to Spain, however the ship never made it. Over the centuries following, treasure hunters scoured the bottom of the oceans in search of the "emerald ship". In 2015, the chests were recovered and in them, 1 million carats of rough emeralds and 100,000 carats of polished emeralds which looks like the one down here!!

The Baroda emerald necklace and ear-pendants was commissioned by Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda from Van Cleef & Arpels in 1949.

It is said that emerald gemstones set within a circle gather cosmic energies which radiate to the benefit of the wearer.

In 2002 it was sold by Christies to new owners and a new chapter is being added to this story. Perhaps in another 50 years, you will get to hear this chapter.

Emeralds are the most complex crystal structures of all gemstones out there, they have blue overtones and lime green undertones, and that magic spark of red and yellow just now and then when its out in the sun; they have inclusions which in other gemstones are seen as flaws but in emeralds they are seen as "jardins". Emeralds are found on all the continents and each has its own birth mark, its own set of peculiarities but the one thing that draws every human to an emerald is the colour green, the colour of nature, Prakriti. It calms the mind and the heart and if you are fortunate enough to have an emerald, just take a look inside the stone, at the jardin, you will see a whole universe, right there in you hand.

carved emerald on the hand

Credit & Talent

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Image 1 - Mogul Moughal

Image 2 - Thomas Wolter Pixabay

Image 3 - The Baroda Pendant

Image 4 - Carved emerald my own image

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