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The Legend that is Amethyst

Moroccan amethyst gemstone

Amethyst has been the gemstone of royalty for over 7,000 years. There are more myths and legends about amethyst then there are about diamonds.

Amethyst is enjoyed by people in its raw crystal form as well as a beautifully faceted gemstone set in jewellery. A stone whose colour brightens the mood and lightens the atmosphere with warmth and optimism. Its intense, personality defining colour begs the question:

"how did I live without it?"

There are many legends and myths about this purple stone from all cultures.

The Greeks tell of Dionysus god of wine and a beauty named Amethystos who refused his advances. Amethystos was on her way to the temple of Diana to pray but Dionysus let loose tigers to chase her down but Diana turned her into a statue of pure clear quartz to protect her from the tigers.

Dionysus was so ashamed and remorseful at what he had almost done to our beauty Amethystos, that he shredd tears of wine which fell on the clear quartz thus colouring it purple and so the gemstone amethyst was born.

In some cultures it is believed that Amethyst has the power to change anger to calmness.

It is said in the Old Testament that:

"There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes"

Reuben Carnelian

Simeon Peridot

Levi Emerald

Judah Garnet

Issachar Lapis Lazuli

Zebulun Rock Crystal

Joseph Zircon

Benjamin Agate

Dan Amethyst

Naphtali Citrine

Gad Onyx

Assher Jasper

Paul E. Desautels (1920-1991)

In the Hindu Jyotish, Vedic Astrologist, tradition, Amethyst is known as "ketala" a stone used in harnessing the powers of planet Saturn or Shani Dev. It is a gem used to help heal dependency on alcohol. Ketala is also used for fine tuning one’s meditative capacity and sharpening ones intuition, both of which are particular attributes of Shani Dev.

Enjoy some amethyst below!

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