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The Legend of the Anahi Ametrine Gemstone

Bolivian people tell the tale of a forgotten land in the distant passage of time when an Indian Sorcerer imprisoned the violet cloak of dawn pierced with the golden ray of the sun into a crystal. He then hid the crystal in the deepest depth of the earth. This crystal would only be found by the love of young woman named Anahi.

Millennia pass and the time comes forth to the era of conquistadors. A soldier called Felipe de Urriola y Goitia come to the forgotten lands of Bolivia and he meets the Ayoreo people, the people whose ancesters had discovered the lost mine of the two-coloured crystal, Ametrine.

The daughter of the Ayoreo Chief, Princess Anahi, the talisman and the life force of the Ayoreo people, fell in love with Don Felipe and asked her father’s permission to marry him. As a gift to the newly weds, the Chief gave many jewels and the prized purple of the dawn and the yellow of the sun, two-coloured gem crystals, ametrine.

In time Don Felipe felt it time to go back to Spain with his wife. Anahi was torn between her loyalty to her people and her love for her husband but she decided to follow him.

The Chief and his people were distraught, they did not want Anahi, their life force, their talisman to abandon them and they conspired to sacrifice Don Felipe to the gods to prevent him (and therefore Anahi) from leaving.

However, Anahí warned him following a battle, Don Felipe and his men were forced to flee. During the confrontation, Anahí was injured by her own people as she stood between them and the fleeing Don Felipe. Anahi was severely wounded and she asked to see her husband one last time. Don Felipe turned back to his dying wife and took her in his arms. She placed a beautiful stone from the mine her father had given them on their marriage, in his hand, it was a token of her eternal love. Anahí died in her husband's arms.

Don Felipe opened his hands and saw the gem, he understood the value of the gem, that the stone's two-colors deep purple and the yellow of the sun perfectly blended. symbolized Anahi's heart torn between her love for her husband and her love for her people.

It is said that the soul of Anahi is present in each of the ametrines that has come out of the forgotten mine in the forgotten lands.

And so the story of Princess Anahi, the talisman and the life force of Don Felipe and the Ayoero people lives on in each rare and beautiful ametrine gemstone found in jewellery or in the form of crystal around the world today.

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent which made this post so good!

The legend of Anahi Ametrine written by me here was inspired by Hobart M King, Geologist and a video made by Patrick Voillot

Images 1 and 2 - Minerales y Metales del Oriente S.R.L. and Ametrine.com

Image 3 - VT by Patrick Voillot

Image 4 - Pyramid Necklace - jewellerydesigns.com

Image 5 - Marquise Ring - louiseshaw.com.au

Image 6 - Asscher cut pendant - gemporia.com

Image 7 - Pendant and ring - mowtejewelry.com

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