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The Colour Green, Moods Plants and Gemstones

If you were asked what is the colour of nature and the summer season, invariably the colour green would come top.

sunlight flooding through forest canopy

The colour green is associated with emotions such as optimism and jealousy.

If you feel erratic, your mind is jumping from one thought to the next faster than you can catch your breath, go out in the garden, park or the woods; if you are in the urban jungle go into a florist shop, your mind will calm down.


Because being surrounded by greenery calms the erratic unruly mind.

The colour green has a hypnotic effect on the mind.

Studies show that urban dwellers see a significant increase in their physical health and well-being when they spend half an hour each day in nature and green spaces. So beautiful "squares" as Grosvenor or Berkeley Square in London and Central Park in New York are not just pretty to look at but these green spaces are playing a vital role in peoples' good health.

So when you are not able to access green spaces by way of gardens and parks, what can you do to help bring calm and balance in your space?

  • bring in plants and flowers by way of house plants

  • give up a couple of lattes a week and use that money on buying fresh flowers and greenery for vases in your space

  • have natural crystals or tumble stones in your space

  • wear jewellery with natural green gemstones

Gemstones hits the right spot for many of us, a good justification to spend money! The question arises as to which GREEN gemstone and here the EMERALD comes to mind.......(pause) ........EXPENSIVE .... hits the brain! But actually no! There are beautiful green emeralds at affordable prices to be had and there are many more varieties, rarer and stunningly beautiful green gemstones that fit the bill apart from emerald. Just take a look at this gallery.

Green plants, green crystals or green gemstones, the most important factor is NATURAL...surround yourself with a little bit of nature. Try it and see...

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