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Beautiful Smile Crap Breath

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Most people would be startled when I say the first steps on the journey to health and wealth is by asking a very strange question:

What is the very first thing you do when you FIRST open your eyes in the morning?

You will be surprised at the list:

  • check the smartphone

  • switch on the tablet for news

  • make and drink a cup of coffee or tea

  • use the ensuite facilities - you know what I mean sit on the b_ g and then hit the shower

  • get dressed

  • have breakfast

  • Clean teeth and then get off to work or whatever the day holds for you

You may or may not be surpised that cleaning teeth is the last thing that people did before leaving the house! Whether cleaning teeth is the first or the last thing is an on-going debate but I am going to say what I do and why.

Upon waking, I go straight to the bathroom, work the excretory system, use my toothbrush to clear the white fuzz off my tongue until it is clear and pink, brush my teeth, rinse my mouth, and wash my face with cool water.

I do this before drinking or eating anything and why do I follow this ritual?

1. When you first open your eyes and take that first morning breath, you will smell your own bad breath and the mouth feels slimy.

2. During your sleeping hours, the body's internal cleaners have gone through the whole system and they have swept all the toxins and passed them onto the excretory system to do its stuff.

3. The tongue is coated with white smelly sticky stuff and this is the accumulation of improperly digested food. So by drinking or eating BEFORE clearing the white stuff from your tongue you are simply putting or ingesting the smelly slimy stuff back into your system.

4. Over time, days, months, years, there is a build up of re-ingested toxins and this causes, for example, obstructions in respiration system, and foul smell, that lingers throughout the day.

5. A tongue with a thick white coating everyday which does not easily clear even after brushing it off is also an indication of more serious health issues.

So the Ayurveda system of India teaches the process of cleaning the mouth as the VERY FIRST thing you do when you wake up and it is a good teaching.

A clean smelling mouth with a lovely smile is the first step to a healthy you.


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