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Stalactites and Stalagmites

Remember those school geography field trips that took you through some wet wilderness where your hands and toes are frozen and you wish you were elsewhere? And then the teacher shouts

"get yourselves in a line and don't slip!!"

"now what?"

As you get into that line and slip your way down down into the cave, its even colder and darker that your imagination, slipping and sliding but holding tight onto that handrail rope and then what then greets the eyes is nothing short of

W O W !! A stalactite and stalagmite cave

stalactite stalagmite cave

Mysterious bright crystals, a wonder of nature.

Then all that trudgging through the wet and cold was worth the effort. In a world of ipads and devices, it is wonderful to find such features in the natural world which holds your attention and for awhile you forget your device!

You then wonder up to the gift shop and see lots of imitations for pennies of the natural wonder you have just witnessed. Do you buy or not?

So as you are glancing through this article, what is the connection between this cave of wonder and an amethyst stalactite? You will not be able to have a piece of the original cave to take home to remind you of that WOW moment in the years to come. But a natural amethyst stalactite slice might just do the trick.

You will see the "eye in amethyst" in a museum and they are rare but more often you will come across "slices" of amethyst stalactite.

So what are these slices?

They are a formation of amethyst that grows in and around a centre piece of agate. A very expert lapidarist has cross cut - sliced - to reveal the crystal and agate in its full glory.

The metaphysical properties of amethyst are already known to many ie that of inducing calmness, contentness, reduces saddness and induces moments of deep deep sleep.

Believing my article is not enough, it is something you have to believe and experience yourself. Setting aside belief in or not of the metaphysical properties, one thing is certain, you will enjoy the varying colours of amethyst and agate circles and the tactile feel of the polished surface.

These slices can be made and worn in jewellery or they can simply be pieces on your desk or the coffee table.

You may not be able to get to the caves or go to the museum today to explore more but go one day. Here are a few good places to explore in the UK, the Dales Rocks or the famous Cheddar Gorge Caves and my personal favourite Peak District Caves and Cavern because I studied geology and this was my tramping ground and of course its the setting of Pemberley - Mr Darcy - you know Pride & Prejudice!

In the meantime you can always...


Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good!

Image 1 - stalactite cave beba - pixabay

Image 2 - amethyst eye slice

Inspiring article/people - https://www.madagascandirect.com

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