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Small Steps Are Enough (dailypoemandphoto.com)

Getting started can be the hardest part.

Breaking a problem or task down into small steps and just doing something about it can sometimes be the best approach. Sounds simple.

The less time thinking about something leaves more energy left for action.

The act of moving something and committing to action is often enough to remind you it needs doing later, when the time is available.

A short distance can seem a long way to travel with uneven, changing and sometimes dangerous terrain to cross without a safety net. However, it might prove to be exciting, freeing and fun to go somewhere new without delay, jump over barriers and generally explore.

Everyone has different places to be at different times for very good reasons. Small steps forwards in the right direction are always worth taking. Small steps could include:

  • Walking on new paths and exploring new areas close to home.

  • Trying new drinks for example hot lemon, ginger, honey and turmeric.

  • Changing lightbulbs which have been broken for a while.

  • Getting up earlier to fit everything in.

Why not just do it?

Get started and see where the small steps lead

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