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Silver Corsets on the Neckline

silver pendant in the shape of a corset

During one of my explores on the wibbly wobbly web, I came across a very beautiful silver corset, it just grabbed my attention.

A little more research revealed a lady by the name of Jenny Hughes, a silversmith, the creator of these one offindividual pieces of artwork.

Now when you are looking at the biggest shop in the world (www), where there are literally billions of pieces of silver jewellery, what made this piece of art by Jenny Hughes stand out?

Today, inspite of wonderful techniques, equipment and materials available, artists find it very very hard to convey the mystery, the "joie de vie" in their work as that which you find in artworks, antiques from times gone by. We are drawn to old things, to see them, touch them, and when we do, we feel extraordinary....WHY?

It is said that art has a dual purpose. In times past, a craftsman would meditate upon his work beforehand and then transform his experience into his work of art. So for the craftsman it is a test of his meditation and for the viewer, the potential for the artwork to permeate his heart.*

In Jenny's work I see her dedication, her meditation, it invokes in me a calmness a clarity and an amazement that is my life.

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent which made this post so good!

All images courtesy of Jenny Hughes

* words inspired by A History of Yoga, the Path of my Ancestors

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