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Sharad Ritu, Libra Birth Sign and Gemstones - October Month

With the Autumn Equinox having departed and the month of October here, we are fully in the presence of autumn. So what does October have to offer?

  • the zodiac sign of Libra (western astrology) or Tulaa (Vedic astrology) has entered and made its home in the month of October.

  • the natural world is prominently showing the yellows and golds as the green colour way starts to fade.

  • October month birth gemstone is turquoise or tourmaline in the modern calendar.

collage with zodiac libra sign next to forest landscape in autumn colours
zodiac libra in a forest landscape of autumn colours

Autumn in the western hemisphere, is a time of change, going from active lots going on to inactive, sleep/rest state; the ground gets colder, many animals prepare for hibernation, we humans gather in the harvest and prepare to store away an abundance of produce to use in the winter months.

Sharad Ritu is the equivalent of early autumn in the west but in India, it means something completely different. Way back from Vedic times Sharad Ritu is thought of as the best season of the year when everything is in balance.

Sharad Ritu was the best, most auspicious and the most enjoyable of all the months of the year ; neither too hot nor too cold, neither too wet nor dry; when the udders of the cows are full of milk. And, it was also the harvesting season when the long months of hard work fructified. There is a sense of peace and joy enveloping all existence.

In the Bhagawat it beautifully describes the blossoming of the the lotuses in Sharad Ritu

the water is pure, fresh and playing host to the beautiful lotuses waiting to bloom. In the autumn, the monsoon clouds too have disappeared, making way for clear sunshine; the lotuses bloom and spread their fragrance everywhere

graphic of the zodiac sign libra
libra (in vedic tula) zodiac sign

Those born under the zodiac sign of libra (Tula in Vedic system) are born in the season of Sharad Ritu. The over riding characteristics of a libran is fairness, beauty and balance. In order to keep things in balance a libra person is always weighing up the pros and cons and one of the downsides to this is indecision. You will notice that the librans amongst your friends going out for the night to a restaurant will try to find a place that will suit each and everyone in the group so most likely you will end up pounding the streets for a long time before you find just the right restaurant!

In Vedic astrology the planet Venus and all its characteristics influence the libra sign and its master is Sukracharya. In Hindi mythology, the devas and asuras were sworn enemies. Guru Brihaspati is the teacher of the devas, so to keep balance, Sukracharya becomes the teacher of the asuras.

Diamond is the gemstone of Venus and therefore if you are born a libra, keeping a pure natural diamond around you or wearing a piece of diamond jewellery will enhance your natural characteristics of compassion and bringing harmony to the people and the environment around you.

macro photo of sparkling diamonds
sparkling diamonds

Diamond is the most well known gemstone to us humans from antiquity to date and all you have to do is hit the wibbly wobbly web with the word diamond, there will be trillions of hits and you will find the diamond that suits your style and budget.

But to my mind a diamond that is priceless is one that is completely natural. In this state not only will it show its beauty but it will have its subtle vibrational energy which will it will impart to its wearer. Now whether you take astrology seriously or just a bit of fun, if you close your eyes, ie withdraw your sight, go blind and then place your attention on the gemstone, you will most definitely feel that vibration.

Depending on which zodiac system you choose to follow, white quartz gemstone or in its crystal form, it is the gem of choice from the western perspective and white sapphire from the Vedic perspective. Note, regardless of the system, all of them choose to have "clear" or "white" colour gemstone for the libra sign as clear or white gemstone represents clarity and harmony in balance.

In this vibrant, brightly coloured autumn season, clear or pure white brings a sense of balance.

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Image 1 - Sharad ritu

Image 1 - Libra graphic - Peter Lomas from Pixabay

Image 2 - Lotus 1 Lotus 2 Lotus 3

Image 4 - libra sign - 13smok from pixabay

Image 5 - sparkling diamonds - Татьяна

Image 6 - quartz wands - Pixabay quartz crystal flowers - pixabay

handful of quartz - pixabay quartz bracelet - pixabay

white sapphire ring - gemporia radiant white sapphire

Quote - sharad ritu quote & lotuses

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