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Roses have been used medicinally, nutritionally and as a source of perfume since ancient times. There is a feeling of ahhhh....

Legend has it that for Cleopatra rose water was her elixir of youth. Think of the mythical Persian princess of ancient times who had a rose garden with rose water fountains so that whenever she walked in the garden she could feel the spray and smell the scent of this "rose..rain..water"...

Myths and legends surround roses and rose water but to come right up to why is rosewater so good for you?

The answer, it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory (and much more) properties, there is a huge amount of evidence-based research supporting the medical efficacy of various botanicals, including the rose.

Rose water is known to be effective for:

Skin - a few drops morning and evening keeps it radiant and glowing and acne free;

Hair and scalp - massaged into the head, it acts as a conditioner, promotes hair growth and brings scalp inflammation down;

Mouth - relief from mouth and gum inflammation and fights bad breath, effective as a mouth wash;

Eyes - soothes tired eyes and can help remove dark circles;

Rose water as an ingredient - it helps to bring down internal body temperature, tone the tissues and in particular it is very effective in cooling the lining of an overheated digestive tract;

Stress- rosewater is a very effective de-stresser. Spray a little rosewater onto your face or hands and the gorgeous smell brings out the calmness and good mood; the importance of our sense of smell cannot be emphasised enough, modern living has relegated this sense to the very bottom, we have caused it harm and stress by surrounding ourselves with fake scents and synthetic smells in the form of cleaning and cosmetic products. The sense of smell will be explored fully in the next issue.

If you have been inspired to use rosewater than you cannot do any better than getting the best ever rosewater from the beautiful hills of Mommouth, Wales...Petals of the Valley...my favourite is the apothecary rosewater.

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