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Rose Water for Itchy Burning Tired Eyes

I have been a fan of rose water and wrote a big article on Welsh rose water, and today its Beauty Wednesday so back to rosewater, this is the best product for the "windows to the soul", the eyes.

I have been popping rose water into my eyes as a remedy for years on and off particularly when I have been burning the midnight oil!

Studying at college for exams (30+ years ago) with tears gushing down because I had not done enough revision, invariably meant itchy and burning eyes, it was using rose water to wash my eyes with, that gave me relief.

It is a stated fact that going back to ancient times and old civilisations roses and rose water was part of everyday life, aside of a beautiful smell, it had medicinal benefits for skin irritation and reddness, scars and burns, headaches and digestive problems and it has the most longed for benefit:


So lets move on, is there anything "scientific" about rose water being a remedy for eye issues?

Answer YES!

According to WebMd

"Research shows it (rose water) may destroy certain germs or stop their growth. In one study, researchers saw the number of bacteria go down as the concentration of rose water went up."

It was also found to be effective for conjunctivitis and dry eyes.

Health Line also gives a bigger list of conditions where rose water can be a remedy:

Conjunctival xerosis - dryness of eyes caused by not enough tears

Acute dacryocystitis - discharge of pus (may also include fever) from the eye

Pinguecula and pterygium - non cancerous growth on the cornea of the eye

Cataracts - cloudiness of the lens of the eye

Click Health Line for more details on the above conditions.

So how do you actually get the water into your eyes?

  • Pop some rose water into the palm of your hand and douse each eye with it

  • Use a dropper in the same way as a dropper in eyedrops

  • Cotton wall ball - this in my view is not a good way as you can end up with cotton fibres in the eye

It is also worth saying that just because rose water is "natural" it does not mean that it does not have side effects... it is a compound and used incorrectly or without testing it can be nasty too! So the moral of the story:


If you are going to try it for tired itchy burning eyes, then it is worthwhile knowing that high quality, cold pressed with nothing taken away or added in the "making" process of the rose water is the variety to use.

When it comes to quality, once again the Welsh rose water, Petals of the Valley is the best available to my mind.

Credit & Talent Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good.

Image 1 - silviarita from Pixabay

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