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Publishing a poem and photo daily

On the 1st of July I made a personal commitment to share a photo and poem daily for a month, today is the 31st July and so the perfect time to take a few moments to reflect on what happened. I initially published on https://www.e-manai.com/blog spinning off from my blog, Jane’s Journals where I had started to explore elements of the lockdown.

It has been wonderful to make the time to take a photo in nature, despite being a busy parent with a full schedule it was possible to fit this in between tasks and didn’t take more than 10 minutes.

The focus of taking a daily photograph to capture a moment in time, creating a snapshot of place and context became an achievable, free and interesting pleasure. It means looking at something with intensity in the same way that mindfulness or meditation enable and a sense of brief freedom from thoughts and assumptions.

Having always enjoyed reading and writing poetry I wanted a way of sharing. Taking an individual snapshot of a moment in time which is open to being interpreted in many ways, bringing out common threads and shared elements which could be universally applicable.

It is not high art nor it is not commercial, so you might be wondering what is the point? Well, it is human, it is accessible, it is authentic, and it is relevant on that day and has the potential to connect beyond boundaries, bringing people and ideas together at a time of change and potential fragmentation.

If you are interested in reading the daily poems and photos then you can find them at www.dailypoemandphoto.com and also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dailypoemandphoto and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dailypoemandphoto/. I will be carrying on into August to see what emerges.

This experience indicates that anyone can prioritise precious time to pause, reflect, write and share even during the busiest of times, on average it takes me 10 minutes to write which means no time to edit or reflect which make the poems instinctive, raw and fresh.

If you are interested in writing I would highly recommend the London Writers Salon, an online community which creates spaces for sharing, learning and support for writers https://londonwriterssalon.com/ that kept me going during lockdown and beyond.

If you are interested in getting started on the journey of publishing your own daily poems and photos feel free to email Jane@dailypoemandphoto.com and I will be happy to share ideas and support.

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