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Our Unique Packaging for our Unique Jewellery

In today's world of excessive packaging created by humans to the detriment of the natural environment, I thought of embracing a new way of packaging jewellery. My idea came out of the Arts and Crafts movement and principles - BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL.

A piece of jewellery by itself is beautiful, the workmanship, the place where it comes from, where its made, the person who bought it and why, these are all appreciated by the receiver. In the same way should not the packaging reflect this?

There is tons of beautiful boxes, bottles, jars, tins and wrapping that goes to waste land, so why not give it a new lease of life and repurpose it? Add into the bargain a beautiful scent that tantalizes the nose as the receiver opens the box to see what is inside.

And so my jewellery packaging is beautiful and functional as well as gorgeous smelling.

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