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Mandarin Garnet

We all love an adventure movie, nothing better than an afternoon with a bowl of popcorn and a spicy hot orange and Indiana Jones...

"In the north-west of Namibia, the evening sky glows orange-red over quiet hills and a solitary river. The next settlement is some nine hours away by car. Temperatures here are extreme: in summertime they rise to between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, and in winter they drop almost to freezing-point. Glistening and sparkling were firey red orange crystals, so bright that it blended into the rich reddish-orange of the last light of evening, seen when the sun has already disappeared below the horizon."

It was the find of the century, a garnet, so rare and so bright it could only be named mandarin, the colour of life itself.

The garnet is a spessatine type with its colours ranging from deep yellows and oranges into orange reds. Clear crystal structure and that glowing sparkle...nothing quite like it.

In fact the colour of the mandarin garnet is such that when it's worn, it lifts moods of depression, its rich orange and deep red undertones give off energy, it looks lush and ripe like a mango, it radiates the feel of heat like the sun. Mandarin garnet speaks the language of optimism and loud confidence. If you had a mandarin garnet on your finger and you walked into a room full of people, that garnet will definitely walk in front of you.

Take a look at this picture which does not do the gem any justice.

In Vedic lore it is said that wearing a garnet in yellows, oranges and reds will increase vitality, decrease anemia and inflammation. It will reduce the effects of stress and stressful depression. A person who suffers from bi polar disorder or any disorders that causes negative mood changes, if he has yellow and orange colour crystals and surrounds himself with these colours, especially in the winter, he will notice a beneficial difference. It has to be said that this is not scientifically proven in the conventional sense but if by doing this, it makes a positive difference in a person's life then is it worth a try?

Regardless of any health benefit, mandarin garnet is a beautiful gemstone, a warm hot fiery gemstone and a happy gemstone so to my mind its worth having in your jewellery box.

Credit & Talent

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Image 1 - Miloslav Hamřík from Pixabay

Image 2 and quote - International Coloured Gemstone Association

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