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Lockdown Experiment for a 50 year old - Grey Hair

So it is a week+ since my last blog piece on my grey hair and I was just about to embark on colouring my own hair!!!!

I was onto the Daniel Field water colours (and no I am not getting a commission for promoting his product - though if he is offering I wouldn't say no to a couple of brown colours) did the mix, made the paste and then it was a matter of sitting in front of the mirror and getting on with it...with the professional applicator brush...

Marie my hairdresser will have a parrot fit at my workmanship but hey the result is not so bad - take a look at the "after" image!

This I call looking good for your money!

So what did I get from the experience?

  • I am not after the perfection that hairdresser Marie can get - she likes perfection - but its good enough for me;

  • I did save cash;

I am not afraid to do it myself again but am I going to continue with this post lockdown?

Now its not really too difficult to do your grey hair in sections with the brush... I was focused on actually doing my head so I did not do my own DIY video but I studied Maddison Reed from YouTube, it was 2 min and very simple to follow for the first timer!

But finally here is the REAL after image of my hair after I'd applied the Daniel Field hair colour! Not bad for the first time ever!

Image 1 - I have got grey hair by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Image 2 - meena after hair dye - David Arandle

Image 3 - my very own image on the old pixel 2!