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DAY 4 - Lockdown Experiment for a 50 Year Old

Updated: May 9

Lockdown Experiment for a 50+ Year Old - DAY 4 Over the last 3 days I have focused on getting 3 things pinned down:

1. to get up by 7am, clean mouth (see link if you are so inclined https://www.e-manai.com/post/healthy-immune-system-first-step) making Chai, feeding the cats and doing the morning yoga and meditation

2. having a good breakfast - no cereals - I stuck it with a bowl of porridge and egg on toast and another piece of toast and a small cup of coffee. Porridge had sprinkling of sugar and milk

Toast had PROPER BUTTER, not LASHINGS but a scraping of butter. The egg came from Aalin Dairies who deliver me eggs every wednesday so from the hen up the road!!!

After a good breakfast its dinner - I am finding that eating twice a day breakfast and dinner is working for me...I am not seeking for snacks in the middle as I am not hungry.

3. Set up alarms to do a sequence of deeper yoga practice at 3ish. I managed to do it 2 days but missed the other 2 so need to work this out and the reason has been over running my work. So over the next 3 days I am going to focus on LEAVING my studio and shutting the door on it by 2.30pm. This is going to take some doing as I like millions am so mentally conditioned that WORK ABOVE ALL ELSE....

Lockdown has played havoc on hair colouring, salons having been closed I have been researching natural hair colours with a view to covering the greys....and rosewater for toning and conditioning...

So exciting few days ahead....

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