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Lockdown Experiment for a 50+ year old

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

This lockdown has thrown up some real practical issues across the board....from menopause to weight to how am I going to hide my grey roots to I can't get my normal compact because its not deemed "essential" by Amazon!

Do I do this online yoga class or that fitness class on Zoom or maybe finding a new way of earning money seeing as the old way is down the tubes, cook new receipes now that all the offspring are at home for the duration, play happy families and so on....and on and on....

It then occurred to my goodself...that there must be loads of women who can identify with one or two of the issues above themselves....so rather than writing (blogging the 21st century term ha ha ha) I am going to experiment and the subject of the experiment is me....

My experiment is going to run from Friday 1 May until Friday 5 June and it is going to encompass things I need to do for me, my menopause symptoms to my hair or waxing my legs to how I dicipline myself to get onto that mat at 3.30 pm in the afternoon....

My goal, well I don't exactly know what my goal is except that I want to be in a different space on 5 June to where I am now.

Some ground rules I have made for myself:

  • I have to start and deal with whatever it is from the root cause, no short cuts

  • I still have to do my everyday stuff, you know cooking and ironing and E-Manai work....feed cats..... so no slacking.....

  • I am only going to use "natural or alternative products to the conventional ones or make my own where products are needed

  • do whatever I need to do myself on myself

  • record my experiment via journal, audio or video....

So bring it on Friday....

BTY the cartoon version is the youthful eternal version of me and the other is the real me taken just now bythe PC camera!!! So lets see what the camera does on the 5 June!!!

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good!

Image 1 - black head Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image 2 - the cartoon me created by David Arandle

Image 3 - the me by me on windows 1- pc

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