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Lipsticks & Lippys, Make-up for the Pouting Lips

They always say that the eyes are the windows to your soul but what are lips?

Lips, red lips, are the sound to your inner soul.

Don't understand? So let me explain.

With eyes as beautiful as they are, they give you only vision and they reflect the world around you through the sense of sight.

With lips, you feel the world, through the senses of taste and of touch. When you feel the world you hear the sound of your inner soul vibrate...you feel the joys, the pain, the reliefs, the laughter, the tears, the saddness, the happiness from deep inside you.

So think back, when you were forced to stay inside and isolate from your family and friends, what was the thing that made you tingle and feel happy, laugh and cry all at the same time?

It was when you hugged and kissed them, and at that moment your felt the world was right again. That feeling was sound of your inner soul, it was satisfied, and just happy.

Take a look at these images of 2 of the most photographed women today:

Princess Katherine married to Prince William (she keeps the western hemisphere press busy) and Deepika Padukone, Indian actress topping all the headlines (she keeps all the eastern hemisphere press busy), what is it that gives them "the eyes that glow"? It is their lips, the lips that don't get a look in when the world is so focused on their eyes. But it is the lips that give the eyes their magic.

So maybe this post is making you re-think your "make up" strategy. So lets focus on the lips.

  • Lips need to be hydrated and not dry. You can achieve this by oiling your lips every night by rubbing cold pressed olive oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, in fact any oil, into them before bed.

  • The next consideration is how to keep them hydrated in the day especially when the weather is turning cold and the heating systems are about to come into use. You can keep on with the oil use but with all the running around we do, a good lip salve is the answer. There are thouands out there ranging from bespoke ones from £100 to ready reckoners for £2 for a 5g pot. Then you can also make your own. We will explore this topic more in October - make your own lip salve!

  • Then it comes to the best part about your lips, its the lipstick, the lippy colour. Audrey Hepburn said:

"there is a shade of red for every woman"

  • Colouring lips is a very ancient art going way back over 5000+ years to today. Avipsha Sengupta of StyleCraze has written an amazing article on this.

  • In today's throw away society, it is not an understatement that a woman of very modest make-up requirements will still go through 10 lipsticks (the average is 50 lipsticks) in her life time and that is 10 single use plastic casings going to landfill. There are no figures as to how much of landfill is made up of lipstick cases, but it is alot per the Ethical Elephant article.

  • So I ask the question, if your lips are the sound to your inner soul, perhaps you can listen and make a different choice when it comes to which company out there will give colour to your lips that give the sound to your inner soul.

My recommendations after some research:

Enjoy your lips.

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good.

Deepika 1

Deepika 2

Princess Katherine 1

Princess Katherine 2

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