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1. labradorite sphere

"When God created the light, he placed the light as suns and stars in the cosmos. The earth cried with the voice of a child and asked for her share. God heard her pleading and cast some of the light into the Earth and the light turned into crystals and gems..."

The world is full of beautiful beautiful crystals and gems which take our breath away... labradorite a gem of the moon is no exception. With its inky blue and grey iridescence, flecks of greens and pinks, it is a stone the Native American Indians called firestone because of the way the light captured inside the stone made it look as if it was dancing with fire...

Labradorite does not only make beautiful jewellery, it is also a stone of healing, often used alongside a moonstone. It is known as the stone that opens the third eye (in the centre of the forehead) and provides clarity to a confused mind.

In Vedic Indian astrology, a totally natural (and it has to be natural, no treatments) labradorite or moonstone is thought to hold the energy of the moon. It is excellent for meditation, calmness and serenity. If you hold the stone over your eyes you will feel a cool sensation.

If you are facinated with labradorite, just tap it into aunty google and she will give you plenty of material to muse over.

What I would say, if you have a piece of labradorite in your home, just pick it up and feel it or if you have a piece of jewellery, wear it, if you find the crystal within the crystal you might just become crystaline...


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Image 1 - labradorite sphere

Image 2 - 3 pieces of labradorite

Image 3 - Stux from pixabay

Image 4 - labradorite ball

Image 5 - Pearl necklace