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Jewellery Smart Spend and Motivation

Updated: Sep 14

Even in these trying times, it is important to keep motivated, yes the hardest thing to do because you are constantly bombarded by covid infections up, economy is down, x number of job losses, bad news is relentless...and what do you do to get a rest from all the negative news floating around the world to keep motivated?

This usually entails spending, and spending big, which is fine, the only thing is that the good feeling, the motivation resulting from that spend is a temporary fix...because soon enough you will need another spend and so it keeps going.....

It is clear that something needs to change....so how about considering a "smart spend" instead of a big spend? You can apply this to any senario, so in this particular case, lets go to the topic of gems and jewellery.

How about spending money on a smart accessory that will allow you to use what you have in your jewellery box already and get a fresh look? Invest in a necklace layer accessory.

This little gadget allows you to add chains at different lengths from 16 inches and upwards, with beads, gemstones, lockets....the choice and the fun is yours. Take a look at the gallery of images, these are just some ideas from pinterest.

Stunning are they not? And the most amazing thing is that you will have made a "smart spend" with this gadget, and then the next 10, 15, 20 minutes you will have taken that time out to faff in your jewellery box, just thinking reminising over pieces, trying them on, going out for a coffee, a chat with friends who notice you look stunning and happy, the world is not such a bad place afterall!

Then you do it again the following week putting together a different look and so on... so see how a smart spend on a jewellery accessory helped to keep you motivated?

Credit & Talent Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good!

Image 1 and 2 - my own images on by google pixel 2 - I am so clever!!

Images in the gallery - all from Pinterest but specifically

turquoise - gehati

chains/jumper - - own

pendants/chains - bohomoon

chains/shirt - lasierrajewelry.co

chains/yellow top - kayleewardblog.squarespace

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