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Jane's Journals - My week's little Discoveries

Updated: May 23, 2020

The kids are not the only ones learning about different elements of life due to lockdown.

It has been inspirational in many ways and a great opportunity to access knowledge and information which has been opened up, often for free. The internet has come to the forefront and been at its best, providing access to live talks, workshops and classes for all.

I started out wanting to maintain fitness and keep healthy but in doing so I have become more ambitious and am now gaining strength just doing everyday things like housework, gardening and running after the kids!

Routine can really help in terms of building and maintaining good physical and mental fitness. Doing daily exercise is more important than ever, getting out in the sunshine and fresh air if possible. I try to do one hour of actual exercise a day, usually yoga and then fit in a walk where possible.

This time is a gift. A time to pause and see what we are doing and our collective impact as individuals, families, organisations, nations and as humans on earth. It has brought out the best in some through help, kindness, sharing and love.

Clearing leaves

Wellies, green gloves and a twisted stick

The one we collected on our walk

the one that we use

to save each other

when we fall.

My week in pictures!

Credit & Talent Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good


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