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Jane's Journal - Corona Lockdown Discoveries

It has been a busy being in the corona lockdown since end of mid March, home-schooling the kids entertaining kids, working from home, getting to know all the nooks and crannies of my house, cooking, cleaning and figuring how to get my walk in!

Work has been rewarding and enjoyable but also stressful and a little overwhelming. It takes a great deal of focus and determination to balance the demands of keeping children happy, safe and fed, at the same time as answering the phone and doing video calls.

I am realising the value of being organised and disciplined. I thought during this lockdown I would have been able to read all those books, take time to rest, reflect but that is not quite how it is! Its all too easy to get distracted just with work and kids at home and to let the time pass by.

The kids and I have had fun turning time upside down. Having a lie in. Playing football in the garden in the dark. Eating whenever we want to and whatever we feel like. We have done lots of art, mainly based on

what we collect in the woods when we do our daily exercise. The kids have invented their own games like make a bed in the bath and stay in it for a long time which have helped when I really need to get things sorted quickly for work.

However, I have learnt the value of planning time and focusing on priorities, something I have not been concerned about in the past but its time to make a little change so I have started a timetable with the kids!

Next week I hope to get around to doing some cooking and maybe the sun will shine and that walk will perhaps fine a space in that timetable.

I can hear more birds, see more stars and the grass seems greener, there are even have some daisies on lawn for the first time. Nature is coming back to life.

My lockdown in pictures…

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