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Hemant Ritu, Sagittarius Birth Sign and Gemstones - December Month

as the month of November gives way to December winter is maturing, we are heading for the winter solstice.

  • the zodiac sign of Sagittarius started its journey on 23 November (western astrology) but as per Vedic astrology Vrishchika (Scorpio) is still prominent until mid December. Dhanu (Sagittarius) strikes his bow and makes his entry around 17 December.

  • the natural world is prominently showing the backdrop of dark indigo colours and against that there is a definite bright yellow spark which brightens up every colour against the black. Its exactly like when fireworks have been set off against the night sky, you see lots of shades of yellow.

  • December birth gemstones (contemporary) are Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon

Hemant Ritu is in its final phase and begrudgingly giving in to the Shishir Ritu (winter) starts to take control of the seasonal reins. You can see the impact of this "begrudging" all over nature. Look up into the sky and the stars are so much brighter, the moon does not glow but it really sparkles. The rain if its going to rain falls full of vigour and sharpness not as a gloomy foggy mist. The leaves on the trees as they finally fall have a bright yellow tinge to them, yes it is the end of their time but in recognising this, the leaves give their final burst of un-paralleled beauty.

The winter solstice, comes to the fore as the sun travels the shortest path through the sky resulting in it being the shortest day in the year is here.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (Dhanu in Vedic system) are born in the season of Hemant Ritu.

zodiac sign sagittarius

Sagittarius characteristics:

  • driven

  • dedicated

  • loyal

  • energetic

  • action-oriented

  • fearless

  • tenacious

  • thoughtful

  • determined

  • eloquent

  • focused

  • devoted

  • patient

  • ambitious

  • passionate

Sagittarians love their own company, they will be be amongst company and family but will need freedom within that company. they are self-dependent and confident. They are frank to the point of causing hurt and discomfort, they pride themselves on being able to speak the truth as it is. Bill Nye, Taylor Swift are famous Sagittarians.

In Vedic astrology, Brahaspati, or the lord of the planet Jupiter, has a very powerful influence in the sign of Sagittarius. Brahaspati is guru to the Vedic devas (gods) and is the presiding deity of mental powers. Brahaspati enhances the qualities of truth and wisdom, compassion and meditation in this star sign.

yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone of Brahaspati. the yellow sapphire needs to be natural and with a definite yellow sparkle when held in sunlight. The yellow colour is not striking brilliant but a deep sparkling velvety glow. Yellow sapphire increases all the "Jupiter" qualities in a Sagittarian person especially if they are weakened.

Other gemstones, yellow topaz, or tourmaline, prominent in the yellow colour are just as good as yellow sapphire. In particular citrine is very highly regarded for bringing immense prosperity and wealth. If jewellery is not your thing then having natural citrine crystal rocks sitting on your desk.

If you are just at the start of your curiosity of gems and crystals, start with a quartz crystal and put it on your desk, or by your bedside, or have it sitting on your book shelf. Remember a piece of quartz chip powers your computer so what can it do sitting next to you?


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Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good!

Image 1 - sagittarius graphic - Peter Lomas - Pixabay

Image 2 - bones64 - pixabay

Image 3 -yellow sapphire ring with loose yellow sapphire - my own image

Image 4 - yellow pink tourmaline citrine

crystal cluster and yellow citrine gemstone - my own image

Imge - White quartz - my own images

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