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Health Reset

The year 2020 was a game changer and 2021 is continuing in the same vein...

Usually after Christmas and New Year 3 January onwards people go into "diet, loose weight" mode to look good for the summer holidays... But nature kicked another curved ball...vaccines and bad weather and economic uncertainties has made planning a summer holiday "iffy" to say the least!

However, the interest in personal health has taken on a focus not seen for the last 50 years, this is amazing for the likes of me, because at last I am not a lone voice anymore.... there are lots more people like me who find health not just a thing that has to be done but it is interesting and innovating and exciting. So 2021 bring it on..

There are 100s and 1000s of ways and expertise opinions as to what is the best health protocol to follow, ranging from the food you eat to the shoes you wear to the time you are wired up for sound to sleep...the list is endless.

It is also, no longer just about your physical health but mental well being is the new kid on the block and boy is it making waves - mental health is no longer hiding in the dark, it is out and it is here to stay...

My personal view, yeah at last physical and mental well being are now talked about together and openly, and, finally the acceptance and recognition of how much impact mental health has on the physical being.

It has gone even further, people are considering the question of how much of our negative impact on the planet is having on our own health. Accepting and understanding that there is a problem means now the focus and attention can shift to finding solutions.

NOW see why 2021 is so exciting?

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