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Green Colour and the season of Regeneration

Updated: Mar 30

We are now a good few weeks past the spring equinox and the season of "regeneration and rejuvenation" is well under way. There is lots of stuff to start fresh, do something new, to detox, starting a new hobby, start off new seedlings..the emphasis is all on renew, rejuvenate, regenerate. And in all this, the colour green is significant.

In ancient Egypt "wadj" means green but also to flourish, be healthy, new life and fertility.

The gemstone malachite was the symbol of green fertility in ancient Egyptian society, hence many malachite jewellery pieces were found in the pyramids.

In the Vedic traditions, seasons and health, prakriti (nature) are intimately connected. It is said that when Prakriti is happy, she dances her way into spring and each step gives birth to a new "green" but when she is in pain she calls and tugs at the heart to help her.

Amazingly if you explore the chakras, the location of Anahat chakra is where the heart is located. Anahat chakra is represented by the green colour which is made up of yellow and blue. This is the centre of compassion, kindness, love. It connects us to those around people around us be it family or friends and even more, it connects us to those with whom we have had a falling out!!

Even more importantly it connects our own individual physical, mental and spiritual set, the tangible and the intangible together.

If we just take a look around to nature today, it seems that she really is calling out to us, tugging the heart strings asking us to make a change so that she once again dances and her steps create new sparkling greens.

Credit & Talent

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  8. prakriti - Amuse

  9. green berries - wix.com

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