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Diamond Ring in Motion

Shelly Sergent's post on Facebook - Teufel Swing Ring

The most facinating of rings came across my sight this morning, the motion spinning ring....you would think that this is my first time with an item like this, afterall there are many many items of jewellery which are not static but full of movement.

This particular ring amazingly enough peeked my curiosity....

So I searched for motion ring and voila I hit the big time!

But before going into what peeked my curiosity, lets just see this piece in motion. So play the video!

Fabulous is it not?

There are many pieces of jewellery with movement on the market but what makes this so special is that this is a Teufel Swing Ring as made by the inventor of the design, Norman Teufel.

Norman Teufel used precision engineering for the stainless steel ball bearings needed to make the rings swing together with finely crafted jewel materials of diamonds and gold. His son Cameron joined him in the workshop when he was 14 and today he has taken over the business from his father, the second generation is now in the hot seat and who knows maybe there will be a third generation behind the scenes.

What makes Teufel Swinger Ring so special? Both Norman and his son Cameron stay true to their science and art, they make only motion jewellery, this is a one family, one location business and they have never out sourced any of their work. So when you get a Teufel Swing Ring you will get the proper original from the Teufel family, made by them in their workshop located in Beverly Hills, California unlike the very famous Pandora.

So if you want a beautiful ring go for a Pandora;

If you want a beautiful, exclusive and rare ring go for Teufel*.

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good.

Image 1 - Dolphin Galleries Jewelry

Image 2 - video - Designer Diamonds

Images in gallery - courtesy of http://www.teufelinc.com/home_html.html

Teufel* - Teufel do not sell their products directly themselves. They work through independent jewellery houses. All of these jewellery houses are boutique with their own unique style but the one that captured my attention is called Dolphin Galleries Jewelry

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