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Crystals and Gemstones for Health and Wellness

Updated: May 20

There is an ever growing interest and facination on the subject of crystals and gemstones being used for mental and physical health.

It was a discipline that was common in all ancient civilisations when health practitioners from the east and west studied and understood gems and their distinct effects on the human organism.

In time, the eastern civilisations continued to develop this discipline and it is part of Ayurveda in India or Traditional Chinese Medicine in China whilst the western practices such as herbalism and stone healing became obsolete and lost its value.

Fast forward to 2020, the eastern cultures still continue to practice the old disciplines alongside modern medicine and in the west herbalism et al is once again finding a new voice...this includes the use of crystals and gemstones so much so that it is getting into main stream publications like Glamour Magazine, the Times of India.

In the Vedas and the Puranas the use of gemstones for health is well documented.

In the Vedic system, all life forms organic or inorganic be it rivers, mountains, minerals, gemstones or animals and humans, are made up of the same 5 elements in nature, space, air, fire, water and earth, the difference is how these elements were formed and in what propertions.

All gems were made under the earth's mantle under extreme heat and pressure so they are energy in crystalline form. They are highly sensitive and radioactive. They absorb and transmit energy as frequencies because they are composed of minerals that emit electrical charges.

We know how the human is formed and part of its form is the nervous system which is like a cable network also emitting an electrical charge that jumps from one cell to the next sending messages from the brain to all parts of the body so that you function 100% efficiently from making a cup of tea to going for a wee!

If your system is not functioning properly then a qualified gemstone healer will select the appropriate gemstones with the correct electrical frequencies to work with the electrical emissions of the nervous system and fix the issue so that it functions properly again. OF COURSE it is a highly qualified gemstone healer who has the expertise to use the right stones at the right level for a successful outcome.

It is also important that crystals and gemstones used in healing have been sympathetically and ethically sourced otherwise its healing properties are greatly reduced. Unfortunately today, as gemstones and their healing becomes mainstream, their ethic procurement is questionable and this will have a negative impact in the way they work.

Gemstones and Crytals are finding their own space and importance, they are no longer just items of beauty for human adornment.

In the coming weeks and months, I will explore and open the world of gemstones and crystals from a totally different perspective and perhaps you will have that WOW feeling the next time you see the pieces in your jewellery box or your perspective will be different when you buy a new piece to add in that jewellery box.

Credit & Talent Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good Image 1 - gemstones by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

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Image 7 - 5 elements from google images Image 8 - nervous system - The Science behind Yoga

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