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Colouring Grey Hair

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

So it is a week+ since my last blog piece on my grey hair and I was just about to embark on colouring my own hair!!!!

I was onto the Daniel Field water colours (and no I am not getting a commission for promoting his product - though if he is offering I wouldn't say no to a couple of brown colours) did the mix, made the paste and then it was a matter of sitting in front of the mirror and getting on with it...with the professional applicator brush...

Marie my hairdresser will have a parrot fit at my workmanship but hey the result is not so bad - take a look at the "after" image!

This I call looking good for your money!

So what did I get from the experience?

  • I am not after the perfection that hairdresser Marie can get - she likes perfection - but its good enough for me;

  • I did save cash;

I am not afraid to do it myself again but am I going to continue with this post lockdown?

Now its not really too difficult to do your grey hair in sections with the brush... I studied a few videos and there is alot of DIY videos out there but it is worth spending a little time looking at a few. I have dark hair and tons of grey so I opted for the Maddison Reed with Dinna Elgelda.

Followed the advice (more or less) and voila - here is the REAL after image of my hair after I'd applied the Daniel Field hair colour! Not bad for the first time ever!

Image 1 - I have got grey hair by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Image 2 - meena after hair dye - David Arandle

Image 3 - my very own image on the old pixel 2!

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