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Beautiful Skin Body Hair and Makeup at 50+

It is really difficult to say at what age does skin body etc change.... there is a major emphasis on the actual "number" of years in the western hemisphere when it comes to age.

Let me bring a different concept! Lets keep the numbers but a slight change:

What is my "healthy age and look"?

So here you are going to change your idea of age, your healthy age and look is one where you look and feel healthy. When you achieve this than people around you will have to take a "double take". When this happens you will have knocked off a few years from your actual age.

There are many ways of achieving this but here it is about achieving your healthy age and look the natural way.

The focus of this blog space is for those ladies of menopause and after (age 40+/-)

leading into 50s 60s....

Ingredients, products, are all picked because I use them and they all work to give me my healthy age and look... I have beautiful skin and hair, a posture and poise to go with it and a energy level to go with all that...

So during the lockdown period I started had to deal with my hair and this started me on this path....

Kicking off healthy age and look on #BeautyWednesdays with hair...take a look at my articles on hair...

Menopause and Hair

Going Grey at 50

Colouring Grey at Home

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