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Amethyst Purple and Vladyslav Yavorsky

Vladyslav Yavorsky is not the regular well known red carpet celebrity, the red carpet he walks is far more select - Mr Yavorsky walks the rarest of red carpets, the red carpet that is laid by Prakriti, Nature herself.

What do I mean by that?

I mean Mr Yavorsky is one of those rare persons who has the gift of seeing beauty in the ugliest of stones and rocks, covered in muck and slime, coming out of the most inhospitable location where even a scorpian would not venture.

He will take this ugly stone, clean it up and look into it with an eyeglass, play with it to figure out what the effects of bright sunlight will be. After this he will work his tools and create a facinating gemstone which holds the light of the sun's rays. Any reflective surface, a gemstone, will sparkle when out in direct sunlight but on days when it is dull and dark day, the stone will also be dull.

But a gemstone that is faceted by Mr Yavorsky will sparkle even on dull days with light and brilliance of the sun's rays, as if the sun ray is sitting on the tip of your finger.

The colour purple is not only found in amethyst, but other stones like sapphires and garnets also come in purple shades.

In these amethysts, Mr Yavorsky has not only captured the nuances and the violet and pink light, its as if the essence and the divinity of the gemstone is on display. Look deep into that purple, your thoughts start wondering....where does that amethyst come from, who dug it out of the mine, what road did it follow before it finally made it to Ivy New York?

Explore the amethyst story in the next couple of posts.

Credit & Talent

Thank you to all the talent which made this post so good!

  1. V Yavorsky - IV New York

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