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Updated: Nov 6, 2021

rejuvenating vibrations
communicative abilities
expressions only in truth
peacemaker calm enlightenment

These are the words used to describe the gemstone amazonite. It is an unusual blue with a tinge of green, a very elusive colour but when you see it, it will capture you completely.

Amazonite is one of those amazing stones that pulsates energy and you can feel it in the same way that you feel the heat from electricity. So you do not have to "see" the stone in order to "feel" its energy.

Amazonite has been valued from ancient times, in the tomb of Tutankhamun many necklaces of amazonite were found, in Siberia burial mounds, known a kurgans revealed the remains of Scythian warrior women who were buried with their weapons and finery which included amazonite beads and in India, it is the feminine creative stone.

Most amazonite today is treated in some way so if you can find a piece of natural amazonite, then you are a very lucky person. In the shop, I have been fortunate to acquire two, just two pieces of natural amazonite slice four leaf clover pendant. Take a look at this and see if this piece is calling you. Does it have your name written on it?

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Crystalcouncil.com - for inspiration on amazonite!

Image 1 - Amazonite from toprocks

Image 2 - my own pic

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