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A Sorceress’ Kit

Updated: Apr 28

Whilst on a cruise with my mum and sister some 4 years ago, the ship docked at the port of Naples for the day, I came off the ship and I made a visit to the excavated city of Pompeii. Sitting on the bus, my

mind wondered across all the books I'd read, the documentaries I'd watched of amazing ancient worlds even Indiana Jones came to mind...then from the corner of my eye my first sight and then my first step into Pompeii... I got a very strong feeling, a feeling that made the hairs in the back of my neck rise...AMAZING and MAGICAL....

But the magic of an archeological dig is a post for another time! Today excavations at Pompeii still continue and last year unearthed an exceptional find, the Sorceress' Kit in the Garden House..

"Among the numerous objects found, two mirrors, pieces of necklace, decorative elements made of faïence, bronze, bone and amber, a glass unguentary, phallic amulets, a human figure and various gems including an amethyst with a female figure and a carnelian with a craftsman figure"

Its quite surreal to think of gemstones like amethyst, amber, carnelian that we consider common today were prized possessions 2000 years ago. Who did they belong to, what did they mean to the owner, where was she when the volcano erupted? If these gems could talk, what stories could they tell of the people, their lives, and the tragedy of the moments when Vesuvius erupted some 2000 years ago!

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Image 1 - Pompeii - wikipedia

Image 2 - Pompeii taken by Meena

Image 3 - Pompeii taken by Meena

Image 4, 5, 6 - Sorceress' Kit pictures