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I committed on the 1st July 2020 to publishing a poem and photograph daily for a month and am delighted to report that I am now 10 days in without missing a post.

Having a clear structure and simple commitment makes it possible to get into a routine of writing when I make time, maybe before the kids wake up, at lunchtime or in the evening depending on what we are up to.

It is a great way to produce something quickly and easily as there is no time to edit or proofread. A brave approach but one that keeps it raw, short and relevant.

If you fancy joining me and giving it a go then some handy tips to bear in mind are:

  • Take the photo on the day rather than using an old one from the camera roll – this keeps it relevant and instinctive;

  • Keep the poems short – no one has time to read or write more than is really needed;

  • Let go of the poems as soon as they are written. Everyone will read something different into them depending on their experience, point of view, intention etc. There does not have to be a literal meaning and the messages and images will be different for every reader;

  • Join an online writer’s group to provide inspiration, structure and support. I often join the London Writers Salon which meets on Zoom . If you are interested in finding out more they can be found at WritersHour.com.

I have just signed up for the End2End walk http://endtoendwalk.org/ so plan to get out walking a bit faster and for a bit longer in coming weeks to build up strength and stamina. Hopefully poetry and photographs will fit naturally into my new walking training schedule.

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