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A beautiful red garnet from Mozambique

Cross the Zambezi in the North and enter into a land of sparse and ethereal beauty, Mozambique.

Mozambique a land of where its people earn less than $3 per day,

a land that has seen floods completely devastating, life, livestock, 90% of the annual crop, roads and rail, a people that once again lost everything but everything.

And yet the resilience and optimism of its people, is nothing short of a miracle. You have to admire and respect such a people that inspite of such destruction they can still see beyond today, that tomorrow is another day...

That another day comes when amongst all the natural resources that Mozambique land has to offer from good arable land for cashew nuts,cotton and corn and rice, clean water, woodlands, minerals, copper, iron, nickel and gemstones, from tourmalines, to aquamarines to morganites and the magic gem of all:

Silver spirals

Map rivers

Bright stone

Deep red

Mozambique garnet

Mozambique Red Garnet and Sterling Silver chain

Credit & Talent

Thank you to the talent of Jane Critchley, the inspiration behind the poem, which made this post so good.

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