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50 year old - Going Grey!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

At 50+ and even with all the "living the natural way" there was something aweful about having grey hair...I put it down to vanity but actually it was a tad more than that....there was definitely vanity but also a lack of confidence!

A lack of confidence, Doh!!!!! what has that got to do with grey hair? Alot. I did not like looking at myself in the mirror, I made myself look old and I was not ready to LOOK OLD! So I went down the route of going to the salon for hair colours and in between I took the DIY route too... This worked for me for awhile.

My local salon was an Aveda salon but it needed to change on the grounds of cost so I went onto using more of the henna based products that you get from Lush...and then I found Daniel Field.

It so happened that I was looking into Ayurvda and dark circles (another little area I will write about later) and there was a side line that a pitta body type if it is out of balance will manifest in grey hair and dark circles amongst other symptoms.

Which brings me to today...lockdown has definitely gotten the best out of me, for the last 6 weeks I have not been to the salon (obviously) and the roots with the greys have been coming out like there was no tomorrow...I was very aware at first thinking everyone is giving me the "old look" but it was a figment of my imagination...I had to get used to looking at myself in the mirror and get on with it..

I have to say that I have lost the "fear" of having grey hair, its there and fine but grey hair and dark circles per Ayurveda is an indicator of the body lacking something on a nutritional, physical and a mental level!

I examined this and came to the conclusion that I need to make a change in my diet so that I am eating cool "natured" foods and my fiery disposition (quick anger, frustration and annoyance) needed to be calm.

Bottom line this means less sugar and spice and more meditation - its a work in progress!

I have also discovered Daniel Field, who is one of Britain’s leading hairdressers, and is known as the pioneer of organic hair dye, natural hair dye and mineral hairdressing. His range of "water colours" (including a proper listing of ingredients which anyone can understand) is proving to be the new kid on the block though he has been around for many years.

Daniel Field and his team of researchers have developed unique professional hairdressing products:

"which are gentler safer alternatives,....kinder to the hair than the harsher products generally used in traditional salons"

Of all the natural "hair" colour ranges out there, Daniel Field really focuses on the coverage of grey hair, hence he is my pick! I have used this product already but my hair dresser put it on professionally on my head.

Daniel Field does not provide his products to the whole salon industry only to his salons and to be used at home via the DIY method. His website has a vast amount of info on how to do this so I have taken the plunge ordered the package and going to have a go myself next week!

Whilst researching this topic, there is alot of wishy washy stuff on grey hair - only 2 good articles stood out and definitely worth a read if you like me are on the grey adventure!

Tania Ahson had an article "Natural Ways To Banish Grey Hair" published in Holistic Beauty in 2016, though its old its still relevant in 2020.

This article "Struggling with grey hair? Here's how Ayurveda can help" by Deepali Verma is again an excellent article with the whys and wherefors of grey hair from an Ayurvedic perspective and what to do about it if you are so inclined.

Grey hair breakout is a natural phenomena, but it is influenced by:

  • genetics

  • what you put inside your system as in food and drink

  • how you handle your mental state as in anger frustration, stress, your confidence

  • what you put on the outside, the products you use on your hair

So go explore the grey!

Credit & Talent Thank you to all the talent below which made this post so good Image 1 - I have got grey hair by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay Image 2 - Lush henna hair dye

Image 3 - Body types by World Lifestyle.com

Image 4 - 6 Daniel Field

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