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Retreats - getting away from it all!

As a practitioner of the science of life, Ayurveda, panchkarma or detox programme is very much a part and parcel of this practice. In fact it is seen as an essential part of the practice to maintain health and wellness and should be done annually, call it a body MOT!

Such a body MOT would involve, time out from day to day goings on and maybe fasting, relaxing, undertaking activities that you would not normally do.

In the western hemisphere going on holiday was a form of MOT but it is no longer enough, people are looking for alternatives and the concept of "retreats" and "going on a retreat" came about.

So what is a retreat?

A retreat is a an act of "withdrawing or moving back"

And what is "going on a retreat?

This is quite simply "a place you can go to be alone, to get away from it all"

In today's highly active and stressful life, a retreat in some form is needed to give the body and the mind a chance to regenerate.

All of these images are very different but all give a sense of withdrawing, getting away from it all!

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Image 1 - Swing at the end of the world

Image 2 - Image by Meena

Image 3 - monk in meditation

Image 4 - retreat into a maze - wix image

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