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Spring Equinox

Postcards from Rapallo is going to be about a series of articles all about getting and feeling that "joie du printemps" (the joy of spring) now that spring really in the air.

The spring equinox started on 20 March 2019 at approximately 5.58pm in the northern hemisphere.

Spring has been an important landmark in the past and even today it is the season of renewal, rejuvenation and plenty.

"every flower enjoys the air it breathes,

the birds hop and play,

spring is a thrill of pleasure."

Going back into time as far back as 10,500 years spring was a very important aspect of life. All ancient peoples celebrated the spring equinox when earth's journey around the sun reaches a point when the the northern and southern hemispheres receive perfectly equal hours of daylight and night.

Just imagine the spring in ancient Egypt at the foot of the Great Sphinx. Imagine yourself at the footsteps of the Great Sphinx of Giza, as the sun appears in the horizon and aligns itself with the head of the Great Sphinx or celebrating the spring equinox at Ankor Wat in Cambodia.

Today, spring is not given as much importance as the past, but still it is important enough to have adverts bombard us with images of cute lambkins and bunnies, crocuses and snowdrops popping up through the green grass spaces!

We may not celebrate spring to the same degree as ancient peoples, but somehow when it comes, it stirs something in us, we feel good, it is still a part of the human psyche. So having welcomed spring on 20 March, lets continue to celebrate it for the remainder of March and April. Make it a personal celebration, get yourself a candle, or a beautiful gemstone like citrine or amethyst, maybe some flowers or a plant, anything that will make you pause and dwell in the spring moment1

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