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Heat and Punkah Wallahs

For the last 8 weeks the British Isles has experienced exceptional glorious sunshine, people are out in shorts, sandals and t-shirts walking taking in the balmy evening air EVEN AFTER WORK enjoying a bottle of water and an ice-cream.

Even so, everyone is feeling the heat and trying to do all they can to cool down, the most common being air-con in the offices, a newspaper to fan oneself.... this is a new feeling to many living in the British Isles, not used to the heat unlike the peoples of the Arab and Asian continents! In Arab lands they wear flowing white robes and head gear to keep the heat off the body.....

Or in colonial India there was the "punkah wallah" - a man who manually operates a big reed fan by pulling the rope it is attached to back and forth so that the "Lord and Lady" or the Officers of the British Army cool.

A wonderful old British sit com set in the days of the British Raj called "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" captures the consequences of lots of heat - if you really want a laugh just get a cup of tea and click this - very nostalgic!

So the answer to keeping cool if you do not have modern day air con is to consider investing in a


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