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Posture and Poise - the body shape you want

So we have already explored two things, oral hygiene and breathing that go along way towards your health and wealth...now lets go onto the heart of the subject, how fit do you feel, how good do you look, have you got the body shape that you want and are proud of or are you going on a diet?

If I tap "fitness" into google search there are nearly 2 billion hits! There are trillions and zillions of "experty" opinions which tell you what is the best fitness level and how to achieve this, the body shape to look good and so on... There are equally just as many "experts" who tell you that you should be happy and proud just the way you are...

I am going to ignore all this and go "off pist" and approach this subject from the eye of posture and poise totally. All fitness experts and gurus, be it yoga, pilates, gym coaches et al, all bring the subject of posture and poise as part of their talk or practice but it is not centre stage. In fact if I tap "posture and poise" into google I only get 401,000 hits. I rest my case!

A fabulous posture and poise can be dressed in any outfit and you will look sensational.

Megan Markle is the woman of the moment so take a breath and look. If you want to achieve any of these looks, you need to start with posture and poise. The secret to beautiful posture and poise is the spine.

Over the next 7 weeks on each Tuesday starting on 1 May 2018 there will a series of 7 exercise sequences which will go towards building a beautiful flexible supple spine needed to carry off posture and poise just like Megan can!


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