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Summer Health and Wealth

It is most definitely the topic of the moment, the cold sharp spell has now gone and attention has definitely turned to summer sun and all things summer...

Walking up the hill this morning, it really did feel as though summer was here at last and my mind turned to what I am going to do this year... I was puffed out climbing the hill so maybe increasing stamina should be my "thing" for this summer!

In cruising the web for information on how I would go about doing the stamina thing, I tapped accidently part of the heading of this blog:

Health and Wealth

Health is normally associated with well being and wealth with "having an abundant supply of money." but the combination of health and wealth was intriguing! I checked it out and whilst for the majority of us wealth is money, Henry Thoreau offered a different perspective:

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

So embracing this different perspective of "wealth", my new found enthusiasm for stamina and the coming summer months, lets explore this subject matter covering all the known topics in this field but also shine a light onto some of the more "off the beaten track" topics.

Afterall, if I am healthy then I will be wealthy, metaphorically speaking, but also fit enough to have an abundant supply of money to allow me to fully experience life just like this tree of health, wealth and abundance.

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